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Water Without Limits!

We are licensed, bonded and insured by the State of Ohio to guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

Ohio License #1101.

Let Curt's eliminate the bacteria in your water! Our water treatment and sterilization services can give you better than bottled water right at the tap in your kitchen!

City & Well Water Testing

Curt's Pumps & Softeners tests well water and tests city water for biological contaminanats and chemical contamination

We are Water Doctors!

No matter what is wrong with your well water or even your city water we can make it safe to use and drink for your entire family.

Most water testing only tests for biological OR chemical contamination. Curt's can test for all problems with any water supply. Many problems with your water can be quickly and inexpensively treated. Call Curt's now and schedule an appointment to get your well water or city water tested to be sure your family is drinking safe water.

We have a solution for your water problems!

Curt's has many different solutions available to treat your well or city water. All of our water treatments utilize GREEN technology! We do NOT use harmful chemicals to treat your water.

What we test for in problem water:

Color/Stain Copper Iron Manganese Tannin
Scale Aluminum Magnesium Calcium Iron/Silica Copper
Corrosion Alkalinity pH TDS Copper Sodium
Odors Algae/Mold Coliform Iron Bacteria TOC/HPC/pH H. Sulfide

Curt's Softener and Pumps have solutions for each of these problems and will test your water and recommend the correct treatment for you.