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Water Without Limits!

Did you know...

You can have soft water 24 hours a day with our twin tank water softener system installed in your home or business!

Good water conditioning can extend the life of your appliances and fixtures up to 50% longer!

Hard water has been linked to eczema. A study in England found children were more likely to develop eczema than children in homes with soft water.

Curt's Pumps and Softeners has a water softener for every budget!

We have in addition to the twin tank water softener systems, single tank water softeners too.

Curt's has recondition water softeners available. Call for us details.

Don't want to buy? Curt's Softeners and Pumps has water softener rentals available for your convenience!

Water Softener Installation Repair and Maintenance

Curt's Pumps and Water Softeners install, repair and service twin tank water softeners

Who will repair your big box water softener?

Any company can service our water conditioning equipment!
If you buy water softening equipment that can only be serviced by the company that sold it, you can't shop around to find the best price for parts or service.

All of the parts of the Twin Tank Water Conditioner operate in clean, conditioned water extending its lifetime and service intervals.

The Twin Tank System only regenerates when needed not on a preset schedule saving you water and salt.

What do you mean a water softener doesn't put any salt into my water?

Water softener twin tank conto panel for safe Water in your home

A water softener contains a plastic resin that your drinking water filter through. This resin attracts the minerals that are in your hard water just like a magnet. After a period of time, the resin gets full of the hard water minerals. Your water softener will go through a recharge cycle. This is what the water softener salt is used for! The water softener rinses the resin with brine (salty water) which reverses the polarity of the plastic resin. The brine is washed down the drain. Your drinking water does not come in contact with the salt! There is no salt added to soft water from a water softener.

We deliver Water Softener Salt!

Tired of dragging heavy bags of salt out of your car and into your garage or house, down stairs to your basement and lifting it to fill your softener? Don't do it! Let Curt's deliver your water softener salt and install it in your water softener.
Get a FREE equipment inspection too!