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Did you know...

Curt's Pump and Softeners installs chemical free iron filters for well water systems?

We have a new product that will rid your well water of that awful rotten egg smell!

Curt's can provide these types of filters for your home or business:

  • Iron Filters
  • Sand Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Water Filters for City Water and Well Water Systems

    What can we take out our YOUR water?

    Rotten egg smell? Bad Taste? Brown or orange coloration in your water?

    We have the experience to get whatever is in your water out, so you can get into your water! From extensive combinations of filters to a simple under counter water filtration system, we will know how to treat your water.

    An simple but extensive testing procedure will be conducted to determine exactly what is in your water, whether city water or well water. Then the appropriate method to correct the problem will be discussed with you. After a thorough evaluation of your water test results and consultation you can make an educated decision about how you want us to treat your water supply.

    Iron filters are used to get rid of excess iron in your water

    Sand filters are used to remove particles from water and also bacteria

    Carbon filters absorb many types of impurities and chemicals from water.