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Ultraviolet Water Purification

Curt's recommends Sterilight UV Water Sterilizers for treatment of biological water hazards like bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Kill Bacteria and E. Coli with Sterilight Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer from Curt's Softener and Pump

UV light does not impart any taste or odor to the water and does not require any chemicals. It is nature's way of disinfecting your water.

Ultraviolet Water Sterilization

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Virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants without using potentially hazardous chemicals

Your well water looks great! But is it really?

I have city water so I know there are no "bugs" in it because of the chlorine the city puts in it. Don't be so sure about that!

Giardia and Cryptosporidum are both resistant to most disinfectants used to treat drinking water. Even when water filters and chlorine are used, Crypto and Giardia have been found to be resistant to those kinds of water treatment.

Even more disturbing are protozoan cysts and E. coli. Effective water treatment for both well water and city drinking water is provided by using Sterilight Ultraviolet water sterilization.

How does UV sterilization work to kill bacteria?

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UV light disinfects water by penetrating microorganisms and disrupting their DNA, which prevents them from multiplying. The only function of these nasty microorganisms found in your drinking water is to breed and reproduce. When we ingest microorganisms they make us sick. When these bacteria and other organisms get into our intestinal tract they begin to breed and produce colonies which cause our bodies to react trying to get rid of this invasion. This bacteriological contamination is almost always associated with the causes of diarrhea and other illnesses. A microorganism which cannot breed will not affect your health.

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