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We install Sump Pump Check Valves on sump pumps to keep the water your sump pump just pushed up and out of your basement from flowing back into the crock and causing the pump to run continuously.


Sump Pump Installation & Sump Pump Check Valves

Curt's Pumps installs sub pump check valves

Quality Basement Sump Pumps

If you have a basement you have to have a sump pump. Have a crawl space? You might have one too. A sump pump is an appliance you simply can't afford to have fail. Let Curt's inspect your current sump pump for complete peace of mind.

We can install a new, high quality sump pump including a battery backup system and a house saving water level detecting alarm system for less than you might think!

Battery Backup systems keep your basement dry

Sub pump and sump pump battery backup systems installed

When the power goes out your basement sump pump will not run to keep the water out of your basement. Curt's Pumps has the solution. Our battery backup systems for basement sump pumps will keep your basement or crawl space sump pump running when the electrical storms knock your power out.

We have sump pump alarm systems to notify you with an audible alarm if your sump pump malfunctions and stops pumping water out of your basement. You will immediately know that you must take action to safeguard your home from water damage caused by a broken or malfunctioning basement sub pump.