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Curt's accepts Mastercard for Water Softener Salt Visa accepted for softener salt Water Systems can be charged using your Discover Card at Curt's Pumps Checks accepted for Water Softeners and Well Pumps

40 pound bags of water softener salt delivered to the point of use!

10 bags of water softener salt minimum.

FREE water softener equipment inspection with water softener salt delivery.

Ask about our NEW service agreement programs!

  • Water Treatment
  • Pumps
  • Both Treatment
        & Pumps
  • Includes water sample testing once/Year and equipment inspection twice/Year.

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    Water Softener Salt
    Delivered to your Equipment
    and Installed!

    Deliver Water Softener Salt

    FREE Equipment Inspection with Water Softener Salt Delivery!

    You Don't Have to Lift a Finger!

    Let Curt's Softener and Pumps do all the heavy lifting. When it’s time to refill your water treatment system with salt, we’ll handle everything. We carry all of the bags of salt down your basement stairs or to any location in your home or office. Our affordable pricing allows you to never have to take the risk carrying or dragging heavy bags of water softener salt again.

    Sign up for our Service Agreement Program and get scheduled maintenance checks on your water conditioning and water well systems equipment.

    Free Water Well and Water Softener Equipment Inspection with Water Softener Salt Delivery!

    As an added bonus besides Curt's delivering your heavy bags of water softener salt to your softening equipment, we will give you a FREE inspection! We will inspect your water softener, water softener tanks, controls and any other water treatment and conditioning equipment in your home or office.

    Water Well Softener & Equipment Maintenance Service Contract

    NEW! At Curt's Pumps and Softeners we have a added a new service for you! To ensure your family or workplace has clean, pure water at all times we are proud to offer a water well and water treatment system service and maintenance contract. Call us NOW for details and pricing!