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Curt's installs and services Reverse Osmosis filters by PuROMax Systems for clean water in your home

Did you know...

Reverse Osmosis is used in common places like our homes for drinking water and making ice. It is also used in exotic places too. Kidney Dialysis, Semiconductor Production and even manned spacecraft are some of the more unexpected uses for RO!

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

Curt's installs and maintains Reverse Osmosis systems for businesses too!

Reverse Osmosis Installation

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Installation

What is Reverse Osmosis and why should I have use it?

Reverse Osmosis is the affordable process of removing undesirable contaminants from your drinking water by diffusing it through a membrane. The reverse osmosis treatment can rid your water of unpleasant taste, color and odors.

Did you know?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is safer than bottled water! Since there is no regulation of the sanitizing of the bottles used in bottled water there can be many contaminants introduced to that "sparkling spring water" you think is pure.

How Reverse Osmosis Works

Curt's Pumps Installs and services Reverse Osmosis systems by PuROMax

A semi permeable membrane in a reverse osmosis system only allows certain things to pass through. This membrane passes water easily but also prevents many other contaminants from passing by trapping them. Water is normally on both sides of the membrane, the water on each side has a different concentration of dissolved minerals. The water in the less concentrated solution tries to dilute the more concentrated solution. Water will pass through the membrane from the lower concentration side to the greater concentration side. The osmotic pressure (see diagram) created by the difference in water levels, will counter the diffusion process forming an equilibrium between the two sides.

Filters For Safe Drinking Water

Undercounter Reverse Osmosis System

PuROMax residential Reverse Osmosis under sink systems are economical and install quickly and easily. They use 33% less electricity and 40% less water saving you up to 50% on initial cost and maintenance over competitors units. PuROMax has been making these quality green systems for over 5 years!